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Sawyer Dirt dirt field Sawyer Dirt has provided quality topsoil to homeowners, landscapers, nurseries, and commercial business for over 25 years. We offer only highest quality topsoil at the most affordable prices - perfect for pools, berms, new construction, gardens, and more.

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Use our topsoil calculator to find out just how much dirt your project will require. Then give us a call at (815) 485-2490 to place your order!

Sawyer Dirt Topsoil Calculator


Cubic yards

Which soil type is right for your project?

Pulverized and Rough Dirt

Rough dirt is, just like its name, rough, untreated, unpolished dirt just as it comes from the ground. It is tightly packed and settled dirt that comes from deeper in the ground than pulverized dirt. Rough dirt is great for use a base layer in projects requiring tightly packed dirt or dirt that needs to settle fast to form a solid, even foundation for pools, decks, patios, and more.

Pulverized black dirt is the deep black, nutrient rich, "fluffy" or loosely packed top layer of dirt most often associated with children digging for worms. It's most commonly used for planting new grass and gardening. Our pulverized dirt contains no clay and is perfect for any and all applications requiring a loosely packed top layer of dirt.

Driveway stone

In addition to our pulverized and rough dirt we also carry driveway stone. Using gravel or stone for your driveway is a great way to save money and frees you from the burden of expensive pavement repair. Stone driveways are far better at handling rain and snow without suffering damage and are resistant to pooling water and freezing. Call us today to order driveway stone for your home.